Pomona personal injury attorneys committed to obtaining the maximum possible recovery for each client

If you or a loved one has recently suffered a serious injury, we understand the stresses that you are under. Recovery from the injury must be your first priority. Yet, your recovery and peace of mind may be jeopardized by financial worries. You probably have been unable to work. You need to pay your medical bills. You wonder how to obtain fair compensation from those responsible for your injury.

For over twenty years, the Pomona personal injury attorneys at Eric D. Paris & Associates have been providing skilled legal assistance for California injury victims. We truly appreciate the emotional impact that your injury case has on you. Our Pomona personal injury attorneys will make sure you receive high-quality legal services and the reassurance you deserve. Let us eliminate the stress and uncertainty of dealing with your accident.

Skilled Pomona personal injury attorneys can make a difference

As experienced Pomona personal injury attorneys, we know you are probably wondering “Do I really need an attorney?” As an accident victim, you need a law firm with the experience, the reputation, and the track record to go toe-to- toe with the insurance company and its army of attorneys.

If you try to represent yourself, odds are that the insurance company won’t offer you what your case is worth. Most insurers will try to take advantage of your inexperience by making very low “take-it-or-leave-it” offers and dragging out the settlement process as long as possible.

Insurance adjusters often will push you to make statements or sign documents that can damage your case. It is always smart to contact experienced Pomona personal injury attorneys as soon as possible following an accident to prevent inadvertent mistakes.

At Eric D. Paris & Associates, we are not afraid to stand up to the insurance companies or the big corporations. Our Pomona personal injury attorneys know how to negotiate with insurance companies to obtain the best possible settlement. We know when a settlement offer is unreasonable and when it is advisable to take your case to trial. We will use every legal avenue available to achieve a favorable outcome for your case.

Get a frank assessment of your case

We will provide you with an honest assessment of your case, whether good or bad.

The three most important factors are:

  • How clear is the liability of other parties? To have a strong case, someone else must be legally responsible for your injuries.
  • How significant are your damages? The more severe and lasting your injuries, the more your case is worth.
  • Do the responsible parties have liability insurance or other sources from which to pay you? If not, it does not make sense to pursue your case.

We value everyone one of our clients. Our mission is to help your financial circumstances with the maximum recovery possible with a full and fair settlement or verdict. Don’t guess about your legal rights. Call us for a free consultation.

Speak with experienced Pomona personal injury attorneys

Our Pomona personal injury attorneys are standing by to answer any questions that you have and provide you with a free consultation and evaluation of your case. Our firm will represent you on a contingency fee basis which means that you do not have to pay us attorney fees unless we obtain a monetary recovery for you. If you have been injured in a California accident, please call us or complete the form on this page to arrange for your free case review.